KOVEX Újezd Ltd company came into the existence in 1992 from former allied metal manufactory, originally JZD (unit farmers‘ cooperation) Ploština. Because of the reorganisation of that time farmers‘ cooperations, these allied manufactories were abolished. So KOVEX Újezd Ltd company which has taken up previous production program has been set up. From the very beginning we deal with precise middle-serial chipping machining on NC machines and later on CNC machines. Until 1995 we had been working in rented production hall of JZD Ploština in Drnovice. Because the company was still growing, the production facility was not sufficient anymore. That’s why the owners were forced to build the own production hall in nearby village Újezd u Valašských Klobouk.

The main focus of the company is metal machining. KOVEX Újezd Ltd company machines especially components and armature spare parts, hydraulic system components, anti-vibrating system components, pump components, parts of assembling units of knitting lines and car components.

Production capacity of the hall is 2100 m2, in addition to this there is also administrative and sanitary background. Nowadays the company has more than 19 CNC machines, band saws, automatic NC saws a also a CNC saw. Monitoring is provided with modern equipment. In 2015 a new 3D CNC device CRYSTA-Apex S574 was bought, than there also is an older 3D device CRYSTA-Plus M574, a digital 2D altimeter, a variety of digital inside callipers, surface roughness gauges and last but not least a relief-projector Mitutoyo.

Our company disposes of the high professional level employees, recently there are 30 employees. As we also have sufficient production and warehousing capacity and a large production stock, we deal with production of small, middle and big series. If you are interested in cooperation with us, we will gladly handle you favourable price tenders.