The main productive goal of KOVEX Újezd Ltd company is metal machining. The owners started this company in 1992 in rented production hall in Drnovice. The company activity has been from the very beginning focud on precise middle-serial chipping machining on NC machines and later on CNC machines. Thanks to this modern equipment, KOVEX Újezd Ltd company was able to grow quickly.


In 1995 production was moved from the rented production hall into the new facility. Because of the company dynamic growth the owners were forced to build their own production hall in nearby village Újezd u Valašských Klobouk. Production capacity of this building offers 2100 m2, in addition to this there is also administrative and sanitary background. Nowadays the company has more than 19 CNC machines and 30 employees.


In order to map correctly the production effectiveness and utilising of working hours, the attendance and camera system has been installed. Because of the fact that the company currently works in two workshifts and it produces up to 50 types of components at the same time, it was necessary to adopt the system of setting and checking the commission accuracy. Productive economical operation system E-company has been acquired. Last but not least in 2015 we bought new 3D measuring device Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S 574 for quality control.


Especially because of the accent which we put on production precision and quality, thus on precise machining on CNC machines, in 2003 our company gained approval company certificate for certification and quality system. The quality system refers to the standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009. Currently we are using the new standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016.

Because KOVEX Újezd Ltd company is very concerned with environment, our next goal is to implement another standard ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016, which concerns the environmental management.


As we dispose of the high professional level employees, a large CNC machine stock and suitable production facilities, we are able to react to enquiries of metal machining in any kind of series in very favourable prices.